Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Independent Project Reflection Sports and Games Around the World: Water Polo

      My project was on the sport Water Polo. I used Google Slides to present it. Water Polo is a sport done in the summer inside a pool which is inside a stadium. I liked talking about the different facts that I didn't even know. The hardest part of my project was to make sure that I don't skip lines. I have improved by not using paragraphs, but short and sweet phrases. If you do paragraphs, it will be boring because everyone can read it. I would add a conclusion and a video to know when it's over, and to make it more interesting.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Invention Reflection

 Plus: What I liked about inventing is that I can be free to use my imagination. I also liked when I built the actual thing with some fun materials. I actually liked that my mom had to get me off my lazy bottom to have me get my materials collected.

Minus: I could have improved by getting information a bit faster because I wasn't really working on task the whole time that I was working. I could have also improved by getting all the materials ready faster so I didn't have to worry about it over the weekend.

Interesting: What I learned about myself is that, I worry about projects and think that I barely have enough time. I also learned about myself that I sometimes work too fast.

 The problem that I'm solving is that ice is melting in the Arctic and polar bears are dying because they can't stalk their pray, seals.My invention is called the Antithermsubmar (against the heat underwater). My invention helps by going in the water. It then faces upward, and shoots ice to the surface of the water, so that polar bears can live longer.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Plus, Minus, Intresting

This is my project it is called  Fooswars Foosball 
  My strengths are building and being a planner. I drew a sketch of the whole thing and I thought it would be pretty hard.Then it actually was pretty hard to build and I  built it all by using all the materials and it took a few tries to make it.I can improve on using teamwork more often. I can improve by sharing more ideas more often. I learned that I need to really focus on things to get done.