Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Independent Project Reflection Sports and Games Around the World: Water Polo

      My project was on the sport Water Polo. I used Google Slides to present it. Water Polo is a sport done in the summer inside a pool which is inside a stadium. I liked talking about the different facts that I didn't even know. The hardest part of my project was to make sure that I don't skip lines. I have improved by not using paragraphs, but short and sweet phrases. If you do paragraphs, it will be boring because everyone can read it. I would add a conclusion and a video to know when it's over, and to make it more interesting.


  1. I can see why you chose water polo. It looks like hours of fun!

  2. It practically is. Even better, it's in a swimming pool!

  3. Marcus,I like how you would explain the terms and plays to us when we wondered what they were.